Who's Makerlog Assistant?

6 months ago, by Arturs Dobrecovs

This blog post was updated on the 5th of January, 2019 to match the new name of the assistant: Makerlog Assistant (replacing the old name Mr. Makerlog).

So, who is Makerlog Assistant, and why should I care?

Well, for starters, you'll need to know about Makerlog. Makerlog is an online platform for logging tasks to better manage your time, and it's brought in thousands of users in since it's launch on Product Hunt. After the epic launch of Makerlog, other makers like Ethan began making custom clients like the Menubar using the public Makerlog API, and that got me very inspired.

Personally, I love to make custom clients for all sorts of things. I've made clients for Google, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter - anything you can think of. I've also had a great interest in integrating with services by the likes of Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. So I thought: why not mix the two together?

There spawned the idea of creating a voice-based client for Makerlog: welcome Makerlog.

Honestly, I know that's a terrible name - I didn't actually go with it straight away. Initially, I planned on calling it Makerlog Assistant, then Makerlog Bot, but turns out Google has strict naming rules for their assistant apps and wouldn't allow those names 😤.After contacting Google, I have been able to rename the action to just "Makerlog" in Google Assistant, but the full name is now Makerlog Assistant

The process of me creating Makerlog Assistant wasn't exactly secret, really. I was logging every step on Makerlog (duhhh) and posted lots of screenshots on my Twitter profile. I've also constantly been in contact with Sergio Mattei, the creator of Makerlog, and have been updating him with news so often that he's probably tired of me now 💁😂.

The title labels of these images are no longer up-to-date: the name will now simply read "Makerlog"

The Makerlog Assistant will be available exclusively on Google Assistant-enabled devices, but due to voice assistant limitations, the Makerlog Assistant will not be supported on devices without a touchscreen. Therefore, the Makerlog Assistant will not work on the Google Home, Google Home mini, Google Auto and assistant-enabled headphones.

Makerlog Assistant is now live. (Updated 15th of January, 2019)

The Makerlog Assistant's site is online at arturs.site/makerlog