Makerlog + Google Assistant + Alexa

Makerlog Assistant

Keep track of your tasks right from your Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled devices, whether you're in the living room, in the kitchen, on your phone or in your car - no installation is needed.

To get started, just say:

Ok Google, talk to Makerlog

Show me today's tasks
Sure, here are your tasks for today:

Sergio Mattei Diaz

Write copy for #makerlog homepage, and woo 25 day streak! 💬 3 | 👏 126
Pushed 3 changes to #makerlog 💬 7 | 👏 74
What are you waiting for? 💬 14 | 👏 117

Available now :)

Makerlog Assistant is (finally) available publicly on the Google Assistant, feel free to check it out!

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